[distcc] Cross GCC for Cygwin

Roberto rpr at senergisul.com.br
Tue Sep 14 20:27:44 GMT 2004

          Hi Martin,

          To be fast, clean and objective: after reading your comments 
on this link


          where you said this

/          (I'd like to be able to provide a link to a Cygwin-hosted
           Linux-target gcc binary that people can simply download and use.
           Please contact me if you can provide one. -- mbp)/

          I made some tests, using the instructions of Mumit Khan, 
written here


          and I was able to build a cross gcc for cygwin that creates 
code for Linux. I tested this
cross gcc on 2 Windows machines - one NT and one XP, with the purpose of 
run distcc on
them and on another 3 Linux machines, all using gcc 3.3.3.

          Well, this whole thing worked too damn well, and I was able to 
distribute the compilation
of a Gentoo Linux running on my notebook to these 5 machines - 3 Linux 
and 2 Windows. I have
compiled the whole KDE 3.3.0, k3b and a lot of stuff, including the 
kernel itself.

          So, I created a RAR file with this cross gcc for 
cygwin, whose size is about 19 Mb,
and I like to share it with other people who want to do the same thing. 
Once you asked for a link
for such thing... :)  But the problem is: I just can't put this file in 
my company's server... Would you
like to get this file from me, to make it available in some other site ?

          If you do, then pleae contact me, ok ?

Roberto P. Rosa

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