[distcc] tmp file

Perochon Sebastien Sebastien.Perochon at mmarelli-se.com
Wed Sep 8 10:15:04 GMT 2004

  Hi all,

Again and again the same tmp directory problem...

Under windows, not using cygwin shell but directly a dos shell:

Setting "set DISTCC_DIR=c:/distcc" is working fine and distcc use

But setting "set TMPDIR=c:/temp" is not working fine:

distcc[1972] ERROR: compile test.cpp on hormerty failed
ccsh.exe: /cygdrive/c/temp/distccd_692fd52d.ii: No such file or directory
ccsh.exe: No input files

To correct it, I have to use an ugly patch like this (in the file

int dcc_get_tmp_top(const char **p_ret)
  *p_ret = "c:/temp";
  return 0;

Would it be possible that someone more aware about distcc code could have a
look for this problem ?


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