[distcc] Distcc binary on OS X different to OpenDarwin source

Robin Stevens list at gaialink.dyndns.org
Tue Sep 7 12:04:11 GMT 2004


I'm not sure that this is the correct list - I've looked through the 
archives and can't find any posts referring to this problem, but you 
seem to deal with these kinds of issues.

I'm trying to set up a distccKnoppix-PPC installation on an x86 box to 
compile binaries to run under OS X. I want to use XCode to do this.

The problem is that XCode uses gcc's -x parameter to specify the type of 
source file (ie. .cpp gets a -x cxx flag).

The stock distcc doesn't handle this (grep arg.c for "handling" to see 
the error message "gcc's -x handling is complex; running locally").

The opendarwin distcc-17.tar.gz source also doesn't handle it.

The Apple-supplied binary on my OS X Panther (confirmed on 10.3.4, 
10.3.5) *does* handle it.

Looking through the binary, the error string is still there - but the 
check appears to not be taking place. (My disassembly skills are not 
really up to the task of doing a proper analysis!).

So, is this a GPL violation? Am I just using the wrong source? Is there 
a magic build option I don't know about?

Any answers, hints or pointers gratefully recieved.


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