[distcc] Why distcc not distribute file on solaris +Sun CC!

Wilson Guo Wilson.Guo at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 24 02:25:44 GMT 2004

    I now knew what is in the temporary file now!
    Distcc simply add all the fuctions and namespaces the source file 
need,and then send them to the server for compiling.
    Some of the temporary files(e.g distccd_**.ii) are as big as 3.6MB. 
But the solution is great!
    Distcc does't suport Sun CC now,because of the trouble of the 
temporary files?
    Why my cc can not recogonize the file then?

    Will distcc suport CC?
    What should I do to let CC suport CC?



--------------------Below is my last letter which shoot the trouble!----
 >    I am use distcc for Sun CC 5.5 currently!
 >   But I always get the following error:
 >    CC: Invalid input file name /tmp/distccd_a623e4dd.ii, no output
 >generated for this file.
 >   Where did these error comes from?
 >    How can I fix it?
 >    Thanks!
 >Wilson Guo
 >The following is the full error.What shall I do?
Making: ../../../unxsoli4.pro/slo/SwStyleNameMapper.obj
/usr/local/bin/distcc CC  -c -temp=/tmp -I.  -I. -I../inc -I../../../inc
-I../../../unx/inc -I../../../unxsoli4.pro/inc -I.




-I/usr/java/include -I/usr/java/include/solaris
-I/usr/java/include/native_threads/include     -I. -I../../../res -I.
-xarch=generic -xO3 -xspace   -features=no%altspell,no%localfor
-library=no%Cstd -noex  -instances=static -KPIC -DSOLARIS -DUNX -DVCL
-DMULTITHREAD   -o ../../../unxsoli4.pro/slo/SwStyleNameMapper.o
CC: Invalid input file name /tmp/distccd_a623e4dd.ii, no output
generated for this file.
if ( -e ../../../unxsoli4.pro/slo/SwStyleNameMapper.o) touch

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