[distcc] Re: Distcc crashes Linux (Intel e1000 ethernet driver?)

mhuhtala at abo.fi mhuhtala at abo.fi
Sun Aug 8 14:59:52 GMT 2004

Quoting mbp at sourcefrog.net:

> If you don't want to upgrade to 2.4.26 then there is a patch on LKML
> that you might try.  It is linked from the distcc FAQ.
> Martin

I only found a patch for the 8139too driver, which apparently did not
work, and another that let the t3g driver be compiled in 2.4.27rc2 (I
use neither driver).  Anyway, the right kernel people seem to be aware
of the problem.

There already was a Fedora 1 bug about this in the bugzilla. So for the
record, the kernels so far released for FC1 do not work with distcc.
Hopefully they will fix this one day.



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