[distcc] Re: building gcc for mingw requires a patch

E. Weddington ericw at evcohs.com
Sat Jul 31 22:21:31 GMT 2004

On 30 Jul 2004 at 15:34, Daniel Kegel wrote:

> Someone recently said that using gcc and distccd on cygwin
> worked fine for small apps, but crashed sometimes compiling larger things.
> During that discussion, someone asked whether one could just
> compile gcc to run on mingw to avoid possible cygwin problems.
> For reference, here's a link to the gcc bug report about this being hard;
> it contains a link to the latest patch that fixes collect2 so it runs on mingw.
>    http://gcc.gnu.org/PR14316
> - Dan

Also note that for building some targets for host=mingw, an additional fix/patch is needed for 
fixinc / fixinc.sh. AFAIK, there isn't (yet) a PR for this (I've been meaning to do this for a while). 
The targets that I know of that require a fix are avr and m68k, but there could very well be 


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