[distcc] Report success and Thanks for help

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> Hi all,
>     A few days ago, I began to use distcc to compile 
> staroffice and met 
> a  big problem because staroffice uses dmake and build alias which 
> finnally  use perl script programs.I sent some mails to ask 
> for help and 
> get 4 replies within a day!!
>     I was so moved by these warm-hearted people and tried my best to 
> find out the solution.And I did it,using a parallel patch of build.pl 
> and using a -P switch.

I haven't try to compile startoffice using distcc yet. 
Would you mind to elaboroate more on how you did it ?
where is the patch for build.pl  ? is build.pl part
of startoffice souce ?

How long it take to compile it in 3 CPUs vs 1 CPU etc ?

I compled RH7.3 kernel souce using 3 CPUs and 1 CPU and
got 57 seconds vs 3 minutes.


>     I have to say thanks because without the help of you,I can not 
> finish the test.Thank  Martin,Burt Holzman and Hamish Greig for your 
> reply.And thank Martin and all the contributors to the distcc project 
> for coming up with such an powerful tool.
> Thanks,
> Wilson Guo
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