[distcc] directory access denied

Robert Schultz robert.schultz at unibw-muenchen.de
Thu Jul 8 00:13:46 GMT 2004

Hello there,

I have a little problem using distcc about which I couldn't find anything

I am building a gentoo-system, and wanted to use distcc in stage 2, when
emerging system.
When I start emerging, distcc states some errors, that look like this:

ACCESS DENIED open_wr: /.distcc/lock/cpu_localhost_0
distcc[7349] (dcc_open_lockfile) ERROR: failed to creat
/.distcc/lock/cpu_localhost_0: Permission denied
distcc[7349] (dcc_lock_one) ERROR: failed to lock

Same thing occurs 5 other times with opening and unlinking files from
/.distcc/state/ and /.distcc/lock/
The directories exist, so do the files. I've already set the whole directory
to rwxrwxrwx, but no changes.

Any clue about that?

Thank you


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