[distcc] Will patches for host list randomization and connection timeouts be merged into the main trunk?

Daniel Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Jun 18 20:59:03 GMT 2004

Martin Eisenhardt wrote:
>>Sound reasonable to me.  How many hosts are in your cluster?
>>And are they all roughly the same performance?
> There are as many as 25 P4 at 3GHz, one 2-way server with 2xP4 at 3GHz and a
> couple of desktop systems across the department.

OK, so it sounds like the randomization won't hurt you too much
(your systems all seem fairly similar, and you can still add the 2-way

> All systems are running
> Gentoo, the computers in the lab are Windows-infected (that's why they
> aren't always availale, grrrrr).

Why not run distcc under Cygwin?  If you're targeting Linux, and using
crosstool-generated compilers, you can mix cygwin, linux, and macosx boxes
in your compile cluster...
> German influences? (Mfg = Mit freundlichen Gruessen?)

I say that to all the @.de's :-)  And yes, I'm under the influence of German,
I just subscribed to http://german.tv so I can tune my ear better
to german pronunciation.

- Dan

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