[distcc] RE: Re: Re: distcc and cl.exe (MS Visual compiler)

Frederic Paolucci fpaolucci at call.fr
Thu Jun 17 12:41:17 GMT 2004


So here's what I did to make distcc work on Cygwin.

In cygwin, before launching the server, I had to write:
"export TMPDIR=c:/temp"

That's all!

Note that if It set TMPDIR to c:/temp in windows variables, it doesn't work
because cygwin converts it to "/cygdrive/c/temp" and distcc dislike that

Then I did the patch suggested by Sebastien in dcc_get_tmp_top() not to have
to export TMPDIR each time.

FYI, I succeeded to automatically start distccd as a service in cygwin
(thanks to Paul Donovan) ; I had to wrote:
    cygrunsrv -I distccd -a "--daemon --no-detach" -p
    cygrunsrv -S distccd

Hope that will help people using distcc in cygwin.

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