[distcc] RE: Re: Re: distcc and cl.exe (MS Visual compiler)

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Wed Jun 16 10:53:47 GMT 2004

On 16 Jun 2004, Frederic Paolucci <fpaolucci at call.fr> wrote:
> Hello Sebastien,
> THANK YOU VERY MUCH SEBASTIEN!!!! It was the right solution!
> On the server side, I have to do "export TMPDIR=c:/temp" and it works!
> Unfortunately, if I set TMPDIR to c:/temp in windows environment variables,
> it doesn't work because in cygwin TMPDIR is translated to /cygdrive/c/temp.
> Then I have to write "by hand" "export TMPDIR=c:/temp" each time before
> writing "distccd --daemon". I think I will patch tempfile.c as you
> suggested.

I hope that's not necessary.  You should be able to set it in /etc/profile:


> Now I have another problem, that I guess, will be easy to fix. I'm using
> Ethereal (a free Ethernet sniffer) to sniff distcc packets (tcp port 3632) ;
> then I can see if packets are sent throught the network.
> If I set
>    export DISTCC_HOSTS=remote_host
> then data are sent to my remote host (I seen dumps in ethereal).

I think the problem is that you need to build with e.g. -j4 so that
more than compile is run at a time.

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