[distcc] Re: Re: distcc and cl.exe (MS Visual compiler)

Frederic Paolucci fpaolucci at call.fr
Tue Jun 15 16:28:07 GMT 2004


In my previous test, I only set variables on the client side... Then I also
set these variables on the server side, but unfortunately it did not changed

When the error below occur...
    Catastrophic error: could not open source file "\tmp\distccd_ce7f0d4c.i"
    1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of
    Compilation terminated.
    tmcc.exe: tmcfe command failed
the file \tmp\distccd_f8c32009.i exists on the server (it seems to contain
the preprocessed version of file.c).
I have 4 files in the server /tmp folder:
* distcc_60f32009.stderr that contains the error message displayed above
(catastrophie error)
* distcc_68032009.stdout (size = 0)
* distccd_80132009.o (size = 0)
* distccd_f8c32009.i (preprocessed version of file.c)
I don't have any distcc.log, neither distcc.log, neither distccd.log on the
server ; is there any log file for the server?

I've done many tests and noticed that when TMPDIR was set to /tmp/, I had
some traces with \tmp\\xxx.
Then I set TMPDIR to /tmp and now traces look like \tmp\xxx

This boring / and \ conversion is because I use cygwin (I guess it converts
/ to \ to access Windows filesystem). The problem is that cygwin is unable
to handle \ character (if I write "ls /tmp" it works, but if I write "ls
\tmp" it fails) and I'm afraid that's the reason of my problem... In this
case, do you know if anyone succeeded to make distcc run under cygwin?

Frédéric Paolucci

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