[distcc] distcc only listens on v6 with --enable-rfc2553?

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed May 12 02:09:51 GMT 2004

On 11 May 2004, Jeff Rizzo <riz+distcc at boogers.sf.ca.us> wrote:
> Is this expected behaviour?  I use distcc from NetBSD's
> pkgsrc, which sets --enable-rfc2553 by default.  When
> distccd is run as "distccd --daemon --user nobody",
> distccd seems to *only* be listening on an IPv6
> socket.  I can look a little further into it if
> this is not supposed to be this way...  Things
> seem to work ok if I explicitly set a --listen
> address, but I'd rather not have to ... :)

The intention is that it listens on a wildcard address which will
accept connections from either IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, where IPv4
addresses are presented as ip6-mapped.  So if you build with rfc2553
you should be able to accept either protocol by default.  

Are your connections from IPv4 not getting through?

It works on Linux.  If it doesn't work on NetBSD I think it is a
NetBSD bug, but maybe I just misunderstood the interface.

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