[distcc] distcc survey

Derek Piper del at doofer.org
Mon May 3 14:40:08 GMT 2004

	I thought I'd fill in this survey, since I heard about distcc from
a friend when we were talking about clustering systems, and I thought I'd
try it out on my home network.
	distcc is great :) .. very simple to set up, harder to set up WELL
though. That is, I am not certain if I have the best configuration of
'hosts order/allowed jobs/make jobs' etc.

0. What version of distcc are you using?

1. Your name and email address:
Derek Piper, distcc at doofer.org

2. OK to publish this?
   - yes

3. Your codebase: lines of code (by wc -l), and language:
Linux 2.4.26 kernel with grsecurity patch

4. Your machines: number, OS, processor, memory, network connectivity:

delphis: Dual Pentium Pro 200, 320MB RAM, Linux 2.4.26
genii: AMD K6-2/550, 384MB RAM, Linux 2.4.22
ceres: AMD XP/2200, 512MB RAM, Windows 2000 (+Cygwin cross compiler)

All machines connected via 100Mbps ethernet switch (full duplex)
All machines running GCC 3.0.

5. Time to compile, with and without distcc:

On delphis:
About 23 minutes

With distcc, compiling on delphis but using ceres and genii too:
DISTCC_HOSTS='ceres genii localhost'
7 minutes, 38 seconds

6. Any other observations:

It would be nice to have some sort of 'suggested' config, from running a
few times on a certain set of machines; i.e. how many allowed jobs each
machine should be set to as well as how many make jobs '-j??' should be

It's very nice to be able to yoke some of the power of my windows games
machine for compilation tasks. I will probably put together my notes from
the various sources I found on the simplest way to set up a cygwin cross
compiler. That's a useful feature of distcc the other clustering platforms
don't offer, and many people are like me I expect, with a few (possibly
underpowered) Linux machines and some Windows machines with CPU to burn.

All in all, great job guys. This one is staying on my network :)


Derek Piper - del at doofer.org - http://doofer.org/

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