[distcc] distcc 2.14 released

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Sun May 2 05:18:56 GMT 2004

I'm happy to announce the release of distcc 2.14, available from
distcc.samba.org.  This release contains mostly small bug fixes.
Thankyou to everyone who contributed.

If you are using tla, please note that future development will be in
the distcc--devel--2 version.  See the web site for instructions on
how to switch.

distcc-2.14  "Lake Albina"  2004-05-02


    * The host file is looked up in $DISTCC_DIR/hosts, not hardcoded
      to ~/.distcc/hosts.  The default for $DISTCC_DIR is still
      ~/.distcc.  Suggested by Sebastien Perochon.

    * Source file name is included in success/failure messages, e.g. 

         distcc[6655] ERROR: compile ./cases/bad.c on cardhu failed

    * distcc can now be built with a build directory separate from the
      source directory.  Patch from Dennis Henriksen.


    * Add documentation of DISTCC_DIR, and other fixes.  Patch from
      Thomas Schwinge.

    * Slightly improved distcc --help.


    * Decompression buffer can dynamically resize to allow for very
      gassy files.  From a patch by Joe Buehler.


    * Add sample scripts for Red Hat / Fedora, by Colin Walters.

    * mmap is always disabled on HP-UX, because the inconsistent page
      case is a bit dangerous for the way distcc uses mmap.  Suggested
      by Joe Buehler.

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