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Verma, Ajay ajve at chevrontexaco.com
Thu Apr 29 21:40:21 GMT 2004

Thanks Dan for your reply,
I create my Makefile with autoconf and automake tool.Most important
thing is it works fine with "make -k" and even "scons -k",but when I use
distcc with make and scons,sometime it works find and sometime it comes
after some errors.It is really difficult to find out the reason behind
this,as it stops somewhere in between sometime may be afte X no of
errors and sometime may be X+Y no of errors.


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Verma, Ajay wrote:
> I have configured scons,make and distcc to build my projects files.I 
> build something around 10 executables from my project and I go with 
> the option "scons -k" or "make -k" to go ahead if there is any error 
> also."-k" works fine without distcc,but when I use with distcc,I see 
> that sometimes it works absolutely fine and sometime it just come out 
> after some errors. I really don't understand why its happening and not

> able to find out the reason behind this.

We can't really diagnose it from your description.
Worse yet, we can't imagine how this could be distcc's fault.

What's the minimal -j value where you observe the problem? What's the
simplest Makefile for which you observe the problem? Does the problem
happen with just Make (I don't trust scons as far as I can throw it :-)?
Can you post your Makefile (perhaps it has an error)?

- Dan

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