[distcc] patch: ignoring unresolvable host when constructing host list

mbp at sourcefrog.net mbp at sourcefrog.net
Fri Apr 9 16:33:42 GMT 2004

On  7 Apr 2004, Yannick Brosseau <yannick.brosseau at usherbrooke.ca> wrote:
> Hi!
> I've just tried distcc and the results are really awesome.
> I'm sending a small patch which enhance the usabillity of distcc on my 
> laptop where I use it at home and in the lab. The patch add code to 
> check if a hostname can be resovlved before adding it to the hostlist.
> With this patch, I can set all the name of the machine which I use, and, 
> since the name of my home machine and the ones in the lab are not the 
> same, only the locals hosts are added to the usable hosts list. Not 
> exactly the autodetect solution, but it solve the problem in my case.


Thanks for suggestion.

It looks like at the moment, if the hostname is not resolvable then it
works OK, except that it always falls back to local compilation.  Is
that right?  So would this be fixed by just trying the compilation on
some other remote host?

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