[distcc] Re: speedup with >2 hosts

SCHMID Stefan Stefan.Schmid at cern.ch
Tue Apr 6 08:16:22 GMT 2004

Hi Dan,

yes, all my hosts are equal (1.96 Ghz). The transfer of a
file of 170 MBytes from one machine to the other takes less than 17
seconds, i.e. we have a bandwidth of at least 10
MBytes/s. A ping takes between 0.100 ms and 0.300 ms.

> Looks like you're using a strange build system written
> in Python called SCRAM.  Are you quite sure that's not
> the bottleneck?  

I am using a new version of SCRAM which is not the bottleneck: it's all 
standard make! when i replace CXX by echo it takes nothing...

When I plot the uptime, localhost goes up to 10, but the remote hosts hardly 
exceed 1! (using -j10) Do you have an idea why? And also: why do the 
execution times vary so much from run to run?

cheers, stefan

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