[distcc] Re: 2.11 needs gnome for GUI monitor?

Christian Breimann distccGroupEmail.20.cbreimann at spamgourmet.com
Thu Sep 25 08:14:45 GMT 2003


> I think it could be done.  Why do you want it?

I am using distcc under SuSe Linux and KDE 3.0 at work, compiling some code 
distributed over about 40 workstations.
Until version 2.10 of distcc, I could use the gnome based monitor by just
installing gtk+. For 2.11, I would need to much packages and I am not able 
to install all of them locally on my machine without having root access.
So I am limited to the text-based monitor since version 2.11 of distcc.

Is this an acceptable explanation?

Best regards,

Christian Breimann

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