[distcc] Distcc+gcc cannot be used for linking

Lisa Marie Seelye lisa at gentoo.org
Tue Aug 19 02:16:08 GMT 2003

A cross-post between Gentoo's Bugzilla[1] and here.

----Begin Quote----
Distcc is not capable of recognising libraries used for linking.
Compiling BitchX with AIM support resulted in the compile being passed
to localhost (which is sandboxed on its own by distcc) preventing it
from using the library in the ${WORKDIR} for that package.

Distcc should, preferably, acknowledge gcc calls using -L and/or -l as
being executable only on the lcoal box, NOT via distcc's passing, or it
should enable the passing of the library files. Use BitchX 1.0.19-r5 to
demonstrate the issue. Do not have libtoc.so available on any machines.
(It's part of BitchX, but might be in other packages too.)
----End quote----

Gaim provides libtoc.so to /usr/lib/gaim/libtoc.so.

I compiled Bitchx locally: with ssl, gnome, xmms, ncurses, ipv6 and gtk
support (that is, to build "gtkBitchx" with libtoc) and encountered the
error quoted above by removing libtoc. The cases are expanded in the

To exclude gtk support ("normal bitchx" - excluding libtoc) works fine,
of course.

So the question becomes: Is this a Gaim Makefile problem, or a distcc

1: http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26645

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