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Tom Matelich tmatelich at zetec.com
Sun Jul 27 20:16:21 GMT 2003

IIRC, TeamBuilder displays a bar graph of the number of current jobs, time
the daemon has been up, load, and avg. ms/job per host.  But that info came
from the scheduler.

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on this rather slow sunday I was pondering writing a KDE-based monitor
distcc, but then I realized that I'm not quite sure what such a monitor 
should display.

IMHO a graphical monitor should add a real additional value, maybe by
graphs or such, it should not simply be a X version of the textmode
I looked at the GtK monitor but I must say I'm not terribly impressed by
as far as I can tell it displays exactly the same information as the
client. The only difference is that I get sortable columns in the table,
I don't have to start an xterm to start the monitor.

Now, how about a little brainstorming on this list about what a distcc
should display? I was thinking, maybe a hit ratio or so would be
(percentages how much of a project was built on each of the boxes), so
one can possibly optimize the DISTCC_HOSTS line (hosts mentioned earlier
preferred) or such.

- Frerich
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