[distcc] Re: How execution time( not compilation time) of a process can be reduced

murad ali murad_77 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 23 03:53:33 GMT 2003

>From: Martin Pool To: murad ali CC: distcc at lists.samba.org Subject: Re: 
>[distcc] (no subject) Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 22:13:51 +1000
>On 22 Jul 2003, murad ali wrote:
> > 2. on both system the daemon isrunning as > > distccd --pid-file PID 
>--log-stderr --daemon

      it give the following message

       distcc[12296] (dcc_listenby-addr) listining on
       distcc[12296] (dcc_stanalone_server) 4 CPUs online
       distcc[12296] (dcc_stanalone_server) allowing upto 12 jobs

> > 3. I issued command > > #gmake CC='distcc gcc' CXX='distcc g++' -j30 > > 
>.............................................. > > /usr/local/bin/distcc 
>gcc -o obj/lip.o -c -wall ./src/lip.c
>Is this a line printed by make?
> > ..Not only this , almost 60/70 lines are scrolled, and    all objects 
>files are created , it means gmake work properly with distcc. All objects 
>files were created , but when I issue command for execution as    % 
> > then program takes so much time as without distcc. Kindly tell me that 
>how this execution time can be  reduced.
All things work Properly , But all processors of systems are not utilized 
during EXECUTION of programs.

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