[distcc] sanity check for TMPDIR

Heiko_Elger at arburg.com Heiko_Elger at arburg.com
Tue Jul 22 11:28:09 GMT 2003

Hi Martin,

some gcc compiler, especially WindRivver System GNU compiler with CYGWIN, cannot
work with the real unix path TMPDIR - but it really works with mixed case path.
mixed case path on cygwin is like the following:

unix path                 /tmp
cygwin path             /tmp or /cygdrive/c/tmp
cygwin mixed path   c:/tmp

Cause of sanity check it's not possible to export a cygwin mixed case path.

Perhaps you can replace the sanity check in dcc_get_tmp_top() in file
with the following - using opendir() call for existeny check:

-------------------- snip snip ----------------------
static const char *dcc_get_tmp_top(void)
    const char *d;
    DIR *handle;

    d = getenv("TMPDIR");
    if (NULL==handle) {
        return "/tmp";
    } else {
        return d;
-------------------- snip snip ----------------------

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
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