[distcc] DistCC ressource center idea.

Frédéric Forjan forjan at essi.fr
Mon Jul 21 11:28:32 GMT 2003


I want to propose you some idea about distcc.
I use it with a network of 10 computer.
My problem is those PC are in dual-boot and i can't know when they are 
under linux or under windows without going to see the PC..

So i want to propose a distcc ressource center.
No lot of modification but :
Add one option to the distcc daemon:
distccd --ressource= or distccd --ressource=bla.bla.com

The idea of this option is to inform the ressource center that he his 
avaibable for compiling. No more communication for the moment to the 
distcc ressource center : the daemon just dialog  to the ressource 
center to inform that he became unaivalable when he die...

What about the ressource center ? He can show to the user which computer 
is available, on which machine.... other idea is to use the ressource 
center for : export DISTCC_HOSTS=`distccrc --all` where "distccrc --all" 
return all host.

But you can say this project can be totaly independant to distcc 
project. :  my main idea is to add the --ressource option in distccd

Other option is to add a ping option in  distccd protocol : each 30 
minutes, the ressource center can ping registered client to known if 
they are online or dead. The work around is to launch the compilation of 
a dummy program on each host.

Remark ? Not usefull ?

Forjan Frédéric.

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