[distcc] Roaming $HOME/.distcc/hosts ??

Bob Tanner tanner at real-time.com
Fri Jul 18 17:26:44 GMT 2003

Is there a way to have what I'd call a roaming $HOME/.distcc/hosts?

My home directory follows me everywhere I go (ala AFS). Which means my 
~/.distcc/hosts file follows me everywhere I go, which for most people is 
probably a desired effect.

We have "distcc compile clusters" at each of are geographically different 

Something like this:

Location A: clusterA, clusterAA, clusterAAA
Location B: clusterB, clusterBB, clusterBBB
Location C: clusterC, clusterCC, clusterCCC

If I'm at location A, I have clusterA, clusterAA, clusterAAA in my 
$HOME/.distcc/hosts, but if I go to Location B,  I'm compiling across a T1, 
to get to clusterA, clusterAA, clusterAAA .

I've been manually changing my HOME/.distcc/hosts each time I move. 

I've ask the hostmaster to make all the cluster have the same hostname, and 
just do cluster01, cluster02, cluster03 in my $HOME/.distcc/hosts and let DNS 
"figure" out which non-FQDN I want to go to. But that is not happening all 
that fast.

I'm thinking something like:


Where locationA would be domain name, and having distcc pick that up?

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