[distcc] Re: Re: Re: Re: Can't get distcc working properly, help!

Luke Guest lguest at bubball.com
Fri Jul 11 15:56:36 GMT 2003

On Sat, 12 Jul 2003 00:46:05 +1000, Martin Pool wrote:

> I really don't think the -MM rule you mentioned could cause this
> message.  It's more likely to be caused by you interrupting a compile.


This is what I just did:

1) /etc/init.d/distccd stop
2) Setup the PATH and DISTCCD_PATH (which I copied directly from the init
3) Started the daemon by hand: "/opt/distcc-2.7.1/bin/distccd --daemon --no-detach
--log-file=distccd-log.txt --user <my user name> --verbose"

I also did exactly the same on the other machine (laptop).

I then loaded up the gnome monitor and cleaned my project out. Then I
compiled the project with "make --keep-going --jobs=4" (from within
Anjuta). The compile started and distributed to the other machine and then
it just doesn't distribute after a while (like two or three files).

My machines log:

distccd[4614] (dcc_set_path) setting PATH=...cut...
distccd[4614] distccd (version 2.7.1, built Jul  1 2003 16:06:43)
distccd[4614] (dcc_listen_by_addr) listening on
distccd[4614] (dcc_standalone_server) 1 CPU online on this server
distccd[4614] (dcc_standalone_server) allowing up to 3 active jobs
distccd[4614] (dcc_standalone_server) not detaching
distccd[4614] (dcc_new_pgrp) already a process group leader
distccd[4614] (dcc_preforking_parent) up to 1 children
distccd[4614] (dcc_preforking_parent) up to 2 children
distccd[4614] (dcc_preforking_parent) up to 3 children
distccd[4614] (dcc_daemon_terminate) Interrupt
distccd[4614] (dcc_cleanup_tempfiles) deleted 0 temporary files
distccd[4615] (dcc_cleanup_tempfiles) deleted 0 temporary files
distccd[4616] (dcc_cleanup_tempfiles) deleted 0 temporary files
distccd[4617] (dcc_cleanup_tempfiles) deleted 0 temporary files

The log from the other machine:

distccd[2171] (dcc_set_path) setting PATH=...cut...
distccd[2171] distccd (version 2.7.1, built Jul  1 2003 16:37:34)
distccd[2171] (dcc_listen_by_addr) listening on
distccd[2171] (dcc_standalone_server) 1 CPU online on this server
distccd[2171] (dcc_standalone_server) allowing up to 3 active jobs
distccd[2171] (dcc_standalone_server) not detaching
distccd[2171] (dcc_new_pgrp) already a process group leader
distccd[2171] (dcc_preforking_parent) up to 1 children
distccd[2171] (dcc_preforking_parent) up to 2 children
distccd[2171] (dcc_preforking_parent) up to 3 children
distccd[2172] (dcc_check_client) connection from
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got DIST00000001
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGC0000000e
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) reading 14 arguments from job submission
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV00000006
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[0] = "ee-g++"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV00000013
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[1] = "-fno-default-inline"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV00000003
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[2] = "-g2"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV00000002
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[3] = "-G"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV00000001
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[4] = "0"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV00000005
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[5] = "-Wall"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV00000007
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[6] = "-Wa,-al"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV0000000f
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[7] = "-fno-exceptions"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV0000000b
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[8] = "-fno-common"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV00000014
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[9] = "-fno-strict-aliasing"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV00000002
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[10] = "-c"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV0000001a
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[11] = "FootballManagerConsole.cpp"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV00000002
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[12] = "-o"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got ARGV00000018
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) argv[13] = "FootballManagerConsole.o"
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_argv) got arguments: ee-g++ -fno-default-inline -g2 -G 0 -Wall -Wa,-al -fno-exceptions -fno-common -fno-strict-aliasing -c FootballManagerConsole.cpp -o FootballManagerConsole.o
distccd[2172] (dcc_scan_args) scanning arguments: ee-g++ -fno-default-inline -g2 -G 0 -Wall -Wa,-al -fno-exceptions -fno-common -fno-strict-aliasing -c FootballManagerConsole.cpp -o FootballManagerConsole.o
distccd[2172] (dcc_scan_args) found input file "FootballManagerConsole.cpp"
distccd[2172] (dcc_scan_args) found object/output file "FootballManagerConsole.o"
distccd[2172] compile from FootballManagerConsole.cpp to FootballManagerConsole.o
distccd[2172] (dcc_run_job) output file FootballManagerConsole.o
distccd[2172] (dcc_input_tmpnam) input file FootballManagerConsole.cpp
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_token_int) got DOTI00122e36
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_file) received 1191478 bytes to file /tmp/distcc_laptop_503/server_2172.ii
distccd[2172] (dcc_r_file_timed) 1191478 bytes received in 0.124088s, rate 9377kB/s
distccd[2172] (dcc_set_input) changed input from "FootballManagerConsole.cpp" to "/tmp/distcc_laptop_503/server_2172.ii"
distccd[2172] (dcc_set_input) command after: ee-g++ -fno-default-inline -g2 -G 0 -Wall -Wa,-al -fno-exceptions -fno-common -fno-strict-aliasing -c /tmp/distcc_laptop_503/server_2172.ii -o FootballManagerConsole.o
distccd[2172] (dcc_set_output) changed output from "FootballManagerConsole.o" to "/tmp/distcc_laptop_503/server_2172.o"
distccd[2172] (dcc_set_output) command after: ee-g++ -fno-default-inline -g2 -G 0 -Wall -Wa,-al -fno-exceptions -fno-common -fno-strict-aliasing -c /tmp/distcc_laptop_503/server_2172.ii -o /tmp/distcc_laptop_503/server_2172.o
distccd[2172] (dcc_spawn_child) forking to execute: ee-g++ -fno-default-inline -g2 -G 0 -Wall -Wa,-al -fno-exceptions -fno-common -fno-strict-aliasing -c /tmp/distcc_laptop_503/server_2172.ii -o /tmp/distcc_laptop_503/server_2172.o
distccd[2172] (dcc_spawn_child) child started as pid2176
distccd[2176] (dcc_increment_safeguard) setting safeguard: _DISTCC_SAFEGUARD=1
distccd[2172] (dcc_collect_child) cc child 2176 terminated with status 0
distccd[2172] (dcc_collect_child) cc times: user 4.830000s, system 0.100000s, 9514 minflt, 1260 majflt
distccd[2172] (dcc_x_token_int) send DONE00000001
distccd[2172] (dcc_x_token_int) send STAT00000000
distccd[2172] (dcc_x_file) send 2121 byte file /tmp/distcc_laptop_503/cc_2172.stderr with token SERR
distccd[2172] (dcc_x_token_int) send SERR00000849
distccd[2172] (dcc_x_file) send 935313 byte file /tmp/distcc_laptop_503/cc_2172.stdout with token SOUT
distccd[2172] (dcc_x_token_int) send SOUT000e4591
distccd[2172] (dcc_x_file) send 556032 byte file /tmp/distcc_laptop_503/server_2172.o with token DOTO
distccd[2172] (dcc_x_token_int) send DOTO00087c00
distccd[2172] ee-g++ on localhost completed ok
distccd[2172] job complete
distccd[2172] (dcc_cleanup_tempfiles) deleted 4 temporary files
distccd[2172] (dcc_cleanup_tempfiles) deleted 0 temporary files
distccd[2171] (dcc_daemon_terminate) Interrupt
distccd[2171] (dcc_cleanup_tempfiles) deleted 0 temporary files
distccd[2173] (dcc_cleanup_tempfiles) deleted 0 temporary files
distccd[2174] (dcc_cleanup_tempfiles) deleted 0 temporary files

The PATH's are correct and the same on both machines.

So that's it really, and yes, the daemon's are both still running at this


> Your previous message made it sound like it was failing to build, but
> now it sounds like it's just not distributing.
> Can you please report
>   - what specific command is running
>   - what you expected to happen
>   - what actually happened
>   - the full log for both client and server for the command that fails

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