[distcc] distcc 2.8 released

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed Jul 9 03:32:37 GMT 2003

distcc 2.8 is out.  Thankyou to the many people who sent suggestions,
patches, success or problem reports.

distcc-2.8  "Play in the traffic"  2003-07-09


    * Small enhancements to GNOME monitor appearance.


    * Fix problem with nonblocking IO for SSH connections that causes
      a busy spin.  SSH connections are now far more efficient.
      Reported by Marcelo Matus.

    * distccmon-text flushes output after each line, even if stdout is
      not a terminal.  This allows it to more easily be run in polling
      mode under another program.  Suggestion from Hamish Rodda.

    * distccd now works properly with SSH servers that use pipes
      rather than socketpairs to run the daemon.  Previously it would
      fail with an error when trying to write to stdin.  Suggestion
      from Felix Lee.

    * Correctly handle invocations like "gcc -ofoo.o -c foo.c", where
      the output filename is run on to the -o option.  Based on a
      patch from Tsutomu Yasuda.


    * mon.h is now safe for inclusion in C++ programs, and protected
      against multiple inclusion.  Suggestion from Frédérick Forjan.

    * Increased timeout for nonblocking network IO apart from
      connections to 5 minutes.


    * Detect and avoid Apple gcc cpp-precomp brokenness.  Patch from
      Matt Watson.

    * Better handling of builds on machines which do not have the
      linuxdoc-sgml toolchain.  Suggestion from Frerich Raabe.


    * Include an example xinetd configuration file from Andrew Morton.


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