[distcc] Re: Can't get distcc working properly, help!

Luke Guest lguest at bubball.com
Tue Jul 8 08:34:11 GMT 2003

P.S: I'm using -MM with GCC with automatic dependency generation.

Surely somebody can help with this problem I'm having?



"Luke Guest" <lguest at bubball.com> wrote in message
news:be0u57$5hm$1 at main.gmane.org...
> Hi,
> I've been trying to set up distcc at work, I gave it a go with 2.0.1 a
> ago and took a day or two and got nowhere. I just spent last night and
> morning and I've got *somewhere*.
> Basically, I need to setup a bunch of Linux boxes to use distcc for normal
> and cross development. I have a makefile which you can select between the
> two compilers, gcc/gc++ & ee-gcc/ee-g++.
> 1) I can build the Linux kernel, distributed over the two machines.
> 2) I can build for Linux our project over the two machines, if  I take the
> dependency generation (ripped from the make manual).
> 3) I cannot build for PS2, error 110, distcc can never find the compilers.
> I have set up distcc as a xinetd service on these two machines and that is
> working fine, see 1 & 2. I've tried setting the PATH to include my
> in /etc/rc.sysinit and /etc/profile (they are setup in a script inside
> /etc/profile.d, but that doesn't make a difference). So really, the
> is, where do I put the path to these compilers so that distcc will work?
> Another question, how does that masquerading work? What does distcc spawn
> default? gcc? My makefiles use the "distcc <platform compiler>" invocation
> and I don't want to change it to use the masquerading feature, because I
> can't see how it would work.
> Thanks,
> Luke.
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