[distcc] Re: Announcing distccKNOPPIX

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Tue Jul 8 03:17:14 GMT 2003

On  8 Jul 2003, Alexandre Oliva <oliva at lsd.ic.unicamp.br> wrote:
> On Jul  7, 2003, Ben Elliston <bje at wasabisystems.com> wrote:
> > It just occurred to me that distcc nicely handles failover when hosts
> > are down.
> Not that nicely, actually...  It still falls back to localhost or
> fails (if the no-localhost option is set) when a remote host is down,
> instead of trying another remote host.  Or so it seems to me :-)

Yes, but it remembers that the host is down, and won't try it for
another minute.  So within reason it works.  Listing dozens of down
hosts probably wouldn't work well.

I'd like to see somebody right a standalone program that does mDNS or
an nmap scan and creates a ~/.distcc/hosts file based on the results.
I don't see any reason that it needs to be hardcoded into distcc.


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