[distcc] Re: Announcing distccKNOPPIX

Ben Elliston bje at wasabisystems.com
Tue Jul 8 01:40:22 GMT 2003

James Michael Greenhalgh <jgreenhalgh at opendoorsoftware.com> writes:

> > Could you put a dhcp client on there?
> Pump already exists on the iso and should be doing the job as the
> dhcp client?  The Knoppix autoconfiguration and hardware detection
> should do the trick for getting the proper network modules detected,
> then pump should do the rest in terms of finding a dhcp server.  Let
> me know if you are having problems otherwise.

I think Martin only mentioned it because you suggested that the
primary means of setting a distcc slave's IP address was to run
ifconfig.  I would have thought that DHCP would be the natural way to

It just occurred to me that distcc nicely handles failover when hosts
are down.  The nice consequence of this is that you could set

        dhcp1 dhcp2 dhcp3 .. dhcp20

and just power up random machines to run distccKNOPPIX whenever it is
possible to do so.  They don't even need to get a statically allocated
IP address--they can just take out an address lease and "join the


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