[distcc] distcc-xfree-gentoo problems

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Tue Jul 8 00:26:22 GMT 2003

On Tue, 8 Jul 2003 10:17:39 +1000
Martin Pool <mbp at samba.org> wrote:

> On 28 Jun 2003, Nick Rout <nick at rout.co.nz> wrote:
> > Thank you all for your clear and helpful responses. I do not
> > undertsand C and makefiles are a mystery to me. I won't be able to
> > contribute much to this effort :-(
> > 
> > I'm correct in saying that if we have a very slow machine to compile
> > for, we leave it out of its own DISTCC_HOSTS list? ie omit "localhost"
> > on a slow machine??
> > 
> > Thanks.
> > 
> > Man its bad enuf running a normal linux installfest with mandrake, it
> > gets to be a headache with trying to combine gentoo, distcc and the
> > disorganisation/anarchy of your typical LUG lol.
> You've probably done your installfest now, but I just wanted to point
> out that you might like to use the gentoo buildpkg option to produce
> binary packages that can be copied onto all the machines.  It seems a
> waste to build everything many times over.
> -- 
> Martin 
yes, except everyone seemed to have a different architecture, athlon, p4,
p2, athlon-xp etc etc

Nick Rout <nick at rout.co.nz>

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