[distcc] Announcing distccKNOPPIX

James Michael Greenhalgh jgreenhalgh at opendoorsoftware.com
Mon Jul 7 14:04:43 GMT 2003

Hi list,

I wanted to drop the word that with the help of Frerich Raabe, and using Damn 
Small Linux as a base, I have created a Knoppix live cd that runs the distccd 
daemon.  The size of the iso right now is about 40MB, but I am looking to 
trim it down as the releases get updated.  Essentially, it's very simple how 
it works, pop the CD into an unused machine, reboot and then discover the new 
ip somehow (use ifconfig on the new machine, or ettercap on another) and add 
it to your DISTCC_HOSTS.  I'm also looking to streamline this process a 
little more (telling the master that a machine is available) but I figure 
that might be more of a job for the distcc authors.  More information is 
available at:


P.S. M. Pool, I noticed there was a link now at 
http://distcc.samba.org/links.html, however this project really has nothing 
to do with Gentoo (where it's categorized), Knoppix is based off of Debian.

James Michael Greenhalgh
jgreenhalgh at opendoorsoftware.com
open minds providing open source solutions

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