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Alexandre Oliva aoliva at redhat.com
Sun Jul 6 13:55:56 GMT 2003

On Jul  2, 2003, Neil Booth <neil at daikokuya.co.uk> wrote:

> The LC_ are for a clear purpose: they indicate change of file name;

Well, surely a file name is not something that has a meaning by
itself.  Unless it's a full pathname, it only has a complete meaning
when given a working directory.  So, in a sense, this directive
actually changes the file name.  But I see what you mean :-)

> There is a good reason for <built-in> and <command line>, namely
> diagnostics.

I remember we even had translation problems related with these.  Are
they gone now?  We surely can't translate pathnames, but we do output
built-in and command line.

> However, preprocessing a .i file should continue to output its
> input.  Does it?

Nope.  I didn't before my patch, because it duplicated <built-in> and
<command line> entries, and it doesn't after my patch, with the
difference that it introduces a duplicate <directory> directive too.
I *think* this was not the case when I originally wrote this patch; it
seems to have been broken since then.

>> I'm afraid not.  We have to get the cwd directory right before we emit
>> the very first bit of debugging info and, in some formats, it's the
>> very first thing we emit, which is part of the reason for this
>> cpp_read_main_file ugliness.  So we have to do it in
>> cpp_read_main_file or in its caller.

> I was referring to all the mucking about with text strings.  I don't
> see why it would remain necessary.

I'm afraid I don't see what you mean.  What text strings are you
talking about?

> Hmm.  OK; let me think about it.  As I point out above; <built-in>
> and <command line> are not "precedents" in the way you appear to have
> thought, but I don't have a better idea at the moment either.

An alternative that just occurred to me right now is to append a slash
to getpwd() and emit that.  I think it would be even worse performance
wise :-(

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