[distcc] Re: Icc 7.0, distcc, Automake

Akim Demaille akim at epita.fr
Thu Jun 26 09:01:12 GMT 2003

For the records, I'm using the following script.  It results in a
correct compilation with Automake, Icc, and Distcc.

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But the speedup is really miserable: none AFAICS (on several runs).  I
must say that my src hierarchy is poor for -j, as it heavily uses
Automake and many small modules compiled sequentially.  Here are the
figure I get:

make -j4 CC=icc CXX=icc  250,09s user 17,22s system 46% cpu 9:38,68 total

make -j4 CC=dicc CXX=dicc  257,89s user 22,69s system 55% cpu 8:22,51 total

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