[distcc] parallel make question

mbp at samba.org mbp at samba.org
Thu Jun 19 10:40:24 GMT 2003

On 18 Jun 2003, Jeff <rustysawdust at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have a make target which ends up building two rather huge executables. 
> It compiles fast as hell thanks to distcc, but when it starts linking, 
> each linker is over 200M in size and brings my system to its knees.
> Does anyone know of a sneaky way prevent parallel makes when using -j?

Specify "localhost/1" in the host list.  This should generally prevent
distcc running more than one job locally, including links.  (This will
only help if the Makefile calls cc/distcc as the linker, rather than
ld directly, which most makefiles do.)

Or, do the linking as a separate invocation of Make.  You may need to
add new targets to allow this:

  make -j10 all-objs
  make all

Or perhaps run the link commands in sub-makes that are executed as
make -j1.  (Does this work?)


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