[distcc] redeclared symbol error

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Mon Jun 16 01:14:43 GMT 2003

On 15 Jun 2003, Alex Olugbile <aoo at csag.ucsd.edu> wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> 	I've attached the logs, but the preprocessor output is approx 1 
> MB; I'll send it if you must have it. distcc compiles a simple hello world 
> program without error, but applications of greater complexity are failing. 
> I've tried to build my project library, siege (HTTP server stress tool), 
> and distcc itself, all failed with simillar errors. 
> 	I don't believe there's anything special in my project that's 
> breaking distcc, but I believe there may be something wrong with the 
> include path used by the distcc daemon(server). 
> DistCC version: 2.5.1
> gcc version: 3.0.4
> Attached files
> Client log: distcc.log (3.8 KB)
> Server log: distccd.log (4.6 KB)

The log file looks fine.  I think there might be some problem with the
installation of g++ on your server.

Would you please log in to the server, set your path to 


and then run 

  g++ --version

and then try building one file from your project.

> Please let me know if you need the preprocessor output

Can you please gzip it and send it just to me (not to the list)?


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