[distcc] redeclared symbol error

mbp at samba.org mbp at samba.org
Sun Jun 15 13:25:12 GMT 2003

On 15 Jun 2003, Alex Olugbile <aoo at csag.ucsd.edu> wrote:
> I've been tinkering with distcc, but when I try to build my rather small 
> application, the compiler generates a steady stream of '...already 
> declared in this scope' errors. This error only occurs when I build using 
> distcc. Any and all suggestions are  welcome. Thanks,

Thanks for your report.

What version of distcc and g++ are you using?

Can you please send a verbose log file and a copy of the preprocessor
output?  Set these variables and then rebuild just one file.


Does it work when you build just hello.cpp?  Can you work out what's
special about your project that is breaking it?


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