[distcc] distcc 2.6 released!

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Thu Jun 12 04:55:23 GMT 2003

The biggest change is a new tool 'distccmon-text', which lets you see
where your (compiler) children are and what they're doing.  There is a
simple API that can be used for writing new graphical monitors --
please post to the list to coordinate with other people if you're
interested in doing this.  Some small bugs and portability issues have
been fixed.

Thanks to everyone who sent bug or success reports or patches.

distcc-2.6  "The Watcher in the Water"  2003-06-12


    * New program distccmon-text shows the state of any distcc
      processes run by the current user.  It can be run by hand or
      read by a shell script.  Should be popular with vmstat fans.

    * New environment variable $UNCACHED_ERR_FD allows client errors
      to be redirected from stderr to another file descriptor, so that
      distcc errors are not cached by ccache.  This is an improvment
      because (almost?) all distcc messages are transient things such
      as failure to connect to a remote host, and it is confusing to
      have them cached.

      (This needs a corresponding patch to ccache to set this, or for
      it to be assigned to a duplicate of stderr before invoking

    * In compilation log message, just show the basename of the file
      to make it more compact.


    * If an compiler cannot be executed then try searching the path
      for the basename of the compiler.  This can fix cases where the
      compiler is invoked with an absolute name but it is in a
      different directory on the server.  Patch from Paul Russell.


    * Fix build on platforms that don't have hstrerror(), such as
      Solaris 2.6.

    * Handle sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN) returning 0 processors,
      which has been observed on ARM Linux and previously through
      distccd into a spin.  Patch from Sean MacLennan.


    * New mon.c interface for writing compilation monitors.

    * State directory name includes hostname for robustness when the
      temporary directory is shared.

    * Client writes out notes about its state to files that can be
      watched by external monitor programs.

    * Partial GNOME-based monitor interface, built when distcc is
      configured with --enable-gnome.


    * Fix silly typo that made maintainer-check give a false failure
      in ParseHostSpec_Case.


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