[distcc] newbie: problem with distcc and intel C++ 7.1: 0 byte object

Cristian Tibirna ctibirna at giref.ulaval.ca
Sun Jun 8 19:28:29 GMT 2003

Le Friday, 06 June 2003 10:29, Markus Werle a écrit:
> Hi!
> Sorry, if something is malconfigured, but I just cannot find out what
> went wrong here:

I have the same problem and, as it was pointed to me (in this same list; you 
might find the messages in the archive), it's a problem stemming from a 
difference in file extensions handling between the gnu compilers and ICC.

As you might know, in order to distribute compiling, distcc preprocesses your 
C/C++ file on the main node/server (the one doing the make -jN) and sends the 
result over the network to the computing client, which passes it to gcc as a 
file with the .ii extension. It seems that ICC waits for a file with the 
extension .i.

Now, ICC has commandline switches that allow for explicit specification of the 
type of the file passed, but I didn't yet come around to find out if there's 
a way to configure the commandline used by a distcc client to launch 
compilations. Or add such a way if it doesn't exist.

Suggestions I received included changing the source of the distcc client so 
that it employs the .i extension instead of .ii, but this isn't convenient 
for me, as I use (concurently) gcc and icc on the same compiling farm.

Hope this helps (to understand the problem) and sorry that it doesn't help (to 
solve it) :-|

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