[distcc] distcc monitoring tool?

Matthias Knöfel matk at go.cc
Fri May 23 10:33:38 GMT 2003

> I'm planning to add one shortly.  I will probably just do a simple one
> myself to demonstrate it and leave the KDE/OpenGL/holographic version
> to the GUI specialists.

that's sounding great ;) 
Especially I'm curious about the holographic version *g*

>Does anyone have requirements ideas?

hmm...has anyone took a look on incredibuild? they have a nice timeline view 
there you can see in realtime the distribution off the files on the nodes and 
their parallel processing. I think this would be a great feature ;)

other interesting things are the load of every node, and some statistical data 
such as the amount of transmitted data on the net and so on...


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