[distcc] Q concerning support for MSVC

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Thu May 22 07:49:05 GMT 2003

On 22 May 2003, Daniel Clausen <sargon at mac.com> wrote:

> Usually it's me saying these sentences. ;) Guess I will have to continue
> trying to convince our development team to switch to Linux. (unfortunately
> I'm the only Linux guy, so it's a long way to go...)
> One point though: Are you not interested in supporting other compilers than
> gcc in general or just MSVC? (I'm thinking about Suns compiler for
> instance)

To tell the truth I am not sure in the abstract.  It does not seem
very fair or useful for free software authors to put work into
supporting proprietary compilers, but on the other hand I want distcc
to be useful.

The best I can say is that I'm not going to go out of my way to make
supporting other compilers difficult and I will look at any patches on
their merits.


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