[distcc] distcc 2.4 released

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed May 21 08:04:24 GMT 2003

I'm happy to announce the release of distcc 2.4.  Thanks to everyone
who sent suggestions, patches or reports.

distcc-2.4  "sparky will reign"  2003-05-21


    * Preliminary support for distribution of Objective C and
      Objective C++ compilation.  Based on a patch from Dara Hazeghi.

    * If remote compilation fails, give a visible error.  People might
      want to know, particularly if something is failing on one
      particular machine.

    * Error messages report host definitions more consistently, rather
      than just hostnames.

    * Better handling of attempts to run more concurrent compilations
      than there are available slots.  distcc now sleeps for a few
      seconds to avoid thrashing the client machine.

    * Unavailable servers are now shunned for 60 seconds so as to
      avoid wasting time connecting to machines that are down, not
      running distccd, etc.  (However hosts that are simply not
      responding (e.g. firewalled) are not handled perfectly yet.)


    * If an IO error occurs while trying to get a lock, bail out rather
      than getting stuck.

    * Don't use the RFC2553 getaddrinfo/getnameinfo API by default,
      because it seems to be slower on OS X and possibly problematic
      on other systems.  It can be enabled with --enable-rfc2553 if
      you want to use IPv6, multi-homed servers, or want to test the
      new API.

     * Preliminary STRATUS VOS portability work from Paul Green.


     * More description of execution over SSH.


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