[distcc] Remote Fallback

Thomas Walker Thomas.Walker at morganstanley.com
Tue May 20 16:09:41 GMT 2003

What is the working status on implementing remote fallbacks?  i.e. if I
fail to contact a remote host, have it try another remote host rather
than fallback to localhost or fail (as per DISTCC_FALLBACK).  I see that
there is space in the 2.3 code for this to be implemented but that its
masked at the moment.  Is this something that anyone has bothered to
implement that just hasn't made it into the mainstream release yet or
has it not been done?
I'm in need of this functionality and am willing to do it myself but
don't want to duplicate effort.
I could add options to DISTCC_FALLBACK (but leave it backwards
compatable with old options) or throw in another switch, any
preferences? (distcc seems to lean towards a whole bunch of boolean
switches rather than ternary or more way options).

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