[distcc] distcc 2.3 is out

Matt Watson mwatson at apple.com
Mon May 19 02:20:17 GMT 2003

I was seeing an 80% slowdown when building the Darwin Libc with 2.3 vs. 
2.2. I'm using two MP machines as my remote hosts, all on the same 
100Mb subnet, with DISTCC_HOSTS='localhost one.local./3 two.local./3'. 
DISTCC_VERBOSE shows the remote hosts as busy almost the entire time.

If I used IP addresses instead of hostnames, I got a 30% slowdown.

I noticed that 2.3 started using getaddrinfo()/getnameinfo() when 
available, so I undef'd HAVE_GETADDRINFO/HAVE_GETNAMEINFO in config.h 
and rebuilt distcc, and the problem went away completely.

It may be a bug in Darwin, but I thought it was worth bringing up on 
the list in case someone else runs into it.

Also, should distcc understand -x assembler-with-cpp? It appears to 
not. We have a bunch of ".s" files in Libc that use this option (though 
these really should be ".S" files).


p.s. I'm quite impressed with the elegance and simplicity of distcc. I 
had my little 3 machine build farm up and running in 20 minutes. Very 
well done!

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