[distcc] RFC: new protocol draft

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Tue May 6 07:46:28 GMT 2003

I've checked in a draft document describing a new protocol for
distcc.  Comments are welcome.


Many of the interesting features that could be added require a
protocol change.  Specifically 
  - data compression

  - removing cc-specific knowledge from the server

  - allowing reuse of connections

  - allowing servers to gate incoming connections

I think it is best to make just a single protocol step in a way that
allows for a lot of new features, and then to add them in to the code
over a series of releases.  Some of these features could be kludged
into the existing protocol but I am not convinced that doing so would
be much easier.

I am not planning to make the distcc 3.0 server handle earlier
clients, so people will need to either upgrade all clients, or run the
new server temporarily on a different port.

I think there will be at most one or two more 2.x releases (unless I
screw up :-) before switching to this.


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