[distcc] Problems compiling KDE

Wayne Davison wayned at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Apr 28 16:40:56 GMT 2003

To get distcc going, just follow the instructions in the docs to setup a
"masquerade" dir, add it to the start of your PATH, and then never
fiddle with CC and/or CXX again (i.e. undefine them).  Note that you
need to be running a 2.x version of distcc for masquerade support to be
integrated by default (e.g. 2.0.1).  (Side note: if you're using a
binary RPM of distcc, make sure that the maintainer has made a
masquerade dir a part of the installed config.  If not, ask them to do
so, as it is the easiest way to make distcc compatible with the widest
range of packages.)

To be explicit, do something very similar (or identical) to this:

    mkdir -p /usr/lib/distcc/bin
    cd /usr/lib/distcc/bin
    ln -s ../../../bin/distcc cc
    ln -s ../../../bin/distcc c++
    ln -s ../../../bin/distcc gcc
    ln -s ../../../bin/distcc g++

You can add links to any other compiler names you use on your system as

The other setup requirements remain unchanged: add DISTCC_HOSTS in your
environment and run make with the -j5 (or whatever) option, perhaps by
setting MAKEFLAGS in your environment.


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