[distcc] debugging objects compiled with distcc

Cristian Tibirna ctibirna at giref.ulaval.ca
Thu Apr 24 18:44:52 GMT 2003


When I try to debug with gdb an executable compiled with distcc, gdb doesn't 
find the source of the object to be debugged, unless that source is in the 
directory from which I start gdb.

Opening (in vi) an object compiled with "distcc g++" and the same object 
compiled with "g++" and searching for the name of the source file, I can see 
that this name is accompanied by only a "/" in the object compiled with 
distcc but it contains the full absolute path to the source in the object 
compiled with g++.

This machine is linux (suse-8.1, with binutils-, gcc-2.95.3 
and prettily vanilla otherwise.

Is there something I do wrong?


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