[distcc] Re: [build-farmers] distcc hanging

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed Apr 2 01:48:24 GMT 2003

On  1 Apr 2003, Todd Lyons <todd at mrball.net> wrote:
> I've got a distcc process that's hanging my box pretty hard.  My cron
> job runs at the hours of */2 and minute 30.  The first one hung at about
> 12:30 AM.  I killed it about 8:00 AM.  Now it's hung on the one started
> at 8:30 AM.
> Just a heads up to the developers.
> Plus it's causing my box to lag really bad though it's not affecting the
> load average nor does it seem to be using lots of IO.  Kinda weird.

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Hi Todd, 

Which machine is yours?  

What process is it that's running at the point when it hangs?  Can you
see anything in the log files that it's writing to?  Can you get a gdb
backtrace off it?



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