[distcc] How to debug ccache

Kris Coryn Kris.Coryn at Pandora.be
Thu Mar 27 23:00:37 GMT 2003


i want to use ccache for multiple machines.
the CCACHE_DIR is a nfs drive.
with the CCACHE_LOGFILE i see no problems with a simple hello_world.c program.
but when i want to compile a kernel it doesn't do the job fine.

first compile a kernel to make the cache files
a test on the same machine for a second time yes that is ok.
but when i compile a kernel on a other machine it come not from the cache.
the second time on the other machine ok but this are the cached files from the 
first compile on the other machine, not from the first compilation on the 
first machine of corse

are there some issue or rtfm that i can use to trace down why this 
compilations are not the same ?
the machine have the same hardware en software for me, but with parameter say 
with the compiling that the compile strings are not te same ? how can i see 
this parameters in a file like the CCACHE_LOGFILE ?
not just place xxx into cache 
or got cached result for xxxx
but why ?


Kris Coryn

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