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Ronnie Sahlberg ronnie_sahlberg at ozemail.com.au
Tue Mar 11 10:36:40 GMT 2003

the ssh dissector would also at a later time need to be enhanced to
offer TCP desegmentation service to higher layer dissectors.

in the same way as currently both TCP and SMBnamedpipes offer
TCP desegmnetation service to DCERPC.
the dcerpc dissector just asks for desegmentation of x bytes and it just
happens regardless if the transport is tcp or smb.

ok,  TCP desegmentation is a misnomer, it should instead have been called
ConnectionOrientedTransport desegmentation.

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> On 11 Mar 2003, Joerg Mayer <jmayer at loplof.de> wrote:
> > Quite a few dissectors use TCP reassembly, e.g. packet-skinny.c,
> OK, thanks for telling me.
> > AFAIK Ethereal currently cannot decrypt ssh because nobody has written
> > code to do so.
> Oh, I meant to say that I assumed one would force null encryption,
> though I suppose with a bit of help Ethereal could work out the
> session key and do the decryption itself.
> Having said all this, I have not yet had to look at a TCP dump to
> debug a distcc problem, because the protocol is very straightforward
> and there's only a single implementation.  So I'm not quite sure why
> anyone would want a dissector, aside from just completeness in
> Ethereal or for hack value.
> > After that, the discc dissector would need to be turned into an
> > heuristic dissector (basically, it needs to look at a data packet
> > and decide whether the data is distcc from the contents.
> Either a heuristic, or it could be guided by the user.
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